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Better branding, more listings, reduced unqualified viewings, and increased profits.

The Irish property sector is getting a much needed shake-up of late. And no, it’s not regulation or property shortages we are talking about, but the introduction of disruptive 360 content to the industry.

Using 360 photo and video content to sell your property has multiple advantages, and is leading to more qualified buyers for forward-thinking estate agents.

Using 360 content as an estate agent will increase your branding, help you secure more listings, cut down on unqualified viewings, improve your time efficiency and increase your profits.

Better engagement is generating more qualified buyers.

360 Video compels viewers to watch the full video with 85 % viewing completion rates, compared to 46 % completion for standard video. 360 Content commands higher attention spans, 40 % longer than standard 2D content which is 5-10 seconds. 360 content keeps users engaged for up to 18 seconds on mobile.

This means that potential buyers get a full viewing of your property before they have ever visited it. By the time they physically view the property, they are emotionally invested. 360 video increase people’s level of joy 1.4x more than standard video content.

Higher conversion rates are attracting more sellers.

Using 360 content creates 2x more conversation than standard content. You are the agent people talk about. Your 360 content will help you secure more listings, as potential buyers for your property are likely to ask you to sell their property in 360.

According to Nielsen studies, 73% of consumers feel that brands using 360/VR content are “forward thinking and modern” and 61% prefer buying from a brand that uses 360 technology.

Time to adapt, or get left behind!

We create 360 content that is hosted on YouTube, therefore giving you the ability to add to your property listings on any property website without changing your IT infrastructure.