About Orb Media

About Orb Media

At Orb Media we create immersive brand experiences that work on all devices We enable our customers to increase their reach, realise new revenues and impact brand awareness.

Our interactive platform powers next generation e-commerce drives consumer engagement and delivers critical data on the interactive consumer behaviour journey.

We have been exploring the world of 360 and VR since we teamed up with Samsung in 2017 to showcase VR & 360 content the Samsung Gear could capture. After that we went into a very dark room for a very long time and experimented with lots of emerging tech, teasing and testing ideas and applications for the future of immersive content consumption.

We know what works and what doesn’t. Constantly evolving, we are experts in immersive technology.

We have a proven track record in gaming design and development, VR, 360, AR, animation, professional photography and videography, audio visual tech, data analytics, marketing and sales.

It’s fair to say we may seem slightly insane. That’s because we see the world differently. We see immersive technology in every aspect of our screen lives.

We see beauty surrounding us in 360 and VR, beauty we are bringing to life as we take traditional 2D (flat) content and transform it into multiple sensory experiences for everyone, not just in VR. Our platform ensures that consumers on all devices can indulge in and share their preferred brands, events, experiences and locations.

We know our experiences extend the two second attention span, stop the three second thumb scroll and keep consumers engaged. We have the data to prove it. Backed by Enterprise Ireland, Orb Media is revolutionizing the consumer-brand relationship, delivering the only data insight based on immersive consumer behaviour.

About Orb Media

Based in Dublin, our award-winning team of witty trailblazers are Ciara, Ian, Michael and Quang.


We would love to chat to you about your ideas. We can propel the story of your brand and business into the screen lives of a global audience.
You can contact Ciara or Ian on
00 353 1 403 2900 or info@orbmedia.ie
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