Immersive Brand Experiences

Immersive Brand Experiences

At Orb Media we create immersive brand experiences to help brands and events Improve customer reach, increase revenue and replicate the luxury in store experience with our 360 & VR data driven platform

The most recent scientific research shows that the average thumb scroll on Facebook and Google is just three seconds*,  brands have just two seconds to get their consumers attention*. Our 360 experiences stop the 3 second thumb scroll, commanding engagement that drives real meaningful connections.

As we know, all  behaviour is driven by emotion.

According to Think With Google, consumers who engage in 360/VR content are 410% more likely to respond to a positive call to action. 360 content drives 300% higher click through and 75% higher purchase intent.

seconds thumb scroll

*Source Facebook, Oct 2019

seconds consumer attention

*Source Mars Inc Neuroscience Research Nov20

So how do we create meaningful connections with our technology ?


We embed branded hotspots into cinematic 360 /VR photos and video. When the consumer clicks on the hotspot they are instantly engaged in the fully immersive story of the brand. Their journey of discovery is  invitational with obvious and hidden hotspots. Unlike those annoying You Tube ads, 360 users are compelled to click and engage.

The brand  messaging  can include detailed 3D models, informative  videos,  celebrity endorsement, new products, hidden discount / loyalty codes,  options to purchase like and share and various calls to action.


As the user engages in the experience we track the data of their consumer behaviour journey, delivering that data back to the brand. Our data shows the true emotional connection to the brand as it is based purely on immersive interaction with the brands messaging. Our data allows the brand to make critical marketing decisions.

We have an option of a private video call within the 360 experience. We are replicating the luxury in store experience, helping retailers to establish rapport with customers and  maximise sales opportunities in a personal, covid safe way.


All of our experiences keep consumers engaged for at least 40% longer than standard 2D content and work on all devices without the need for a VR headset.

Customer Engagement
0 minutes

We are powering  the next generation e commerce across luxury, events and FMCG. We are recording engagement times of up to 12 mins, with bounce rates as low as 9-29%.


Over one third of users come back into our experiences to discover more about the brands, spending up to four minutes longer in the story.

When consumers merely scroll, stop or hover on 2D platforms their data does not reflect how they really feel about your brand. On our platform we bring out the consumers true responsive emotions to your brand by measuring their interactivity in a positive, indulgent environment.

Our data enables you to gain a true understanding of your consumers emotional connection to your brand, giving you insights that will build into predictive analytics increasing your revenue, improving your reach and efficiencies. All our experiences are platform agnostic so no IT changes are required, we host the products so you won’t slow your website down.





We would love to chat to you about your ideas. We can propel the story of your brand and business into the screen lives of a global audience.
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