At Orb Media we are a team of creative passionate visionaries using immersive technology to empower the next generation of storytelling

We believe in making cinematic immersive experiences accessible to all consumers on all devices globally. We’ve seen how Virtual Reality has improved the world of gamers. We are bringing that technology to all the fingertips on all the smartphones all over the world.

We know the power of true immersive content and the effect it has on human communication and connections. That’s why we craft 360 and VR experiences that can be enjoyed by anybody on any device. Anytime anyplace, anywhere. (If you are old enough to remember that ad for Martini)

Our unique engaging 360 experiences bring discovery and pleasure to consumers, improving their lives with enjoyment, entertainment and education. We enable stronger brand connection, bringing true emotional insight into the consumer behaviour journey.

Inclusion and diversity are core to our past and our progress. That’s why we work with children from schools in disadvantaged areas to provide them with salaried opportunities to fulfil their own potential and grow within our company.

We would love to chat to you about your ideas. We can propel the story of your brand and business into the screen lives of a global audience.
You can contact Ciara or Ian on
00 353 1 403 2900 or
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