Property in 360 & VR

Property in 360 & VR

As former property professionals for over ten years, we know exactly where immersive experiences can add value and improve efficiencies in both the residential and commercial markets.

Immersive experiences have several roles to play in the marketing, sale and leasing of property. From the residential perspective immersive true virtual tours can give buyers a real feel for a property in a Covid safe way. Agents can guide buyers around a property remotely but in person with our private video call feature that works within the experience. This builds rapport and creates an emotional connection for both the agent and the buyer.

Once sellers know that their properties will be marketed and sold with true virtual technology, the agent has an advantage over their competition who may only be using fake virtual tours. Agents using pure immersive tech can showcase their client’s homes to the ultimate five-star standard. The data we deliver with the experience is effectively a measurement of the new “viewings”. Where once an agent had to be at the property to  open the front door for viewings, now they just have to send a link,  watch the data grow.

Qualified prospective buyers will be identified quickly and safely. We can code and add in relevant questions to drive more detail from the buyers, improving the speed of the sale agreed timeline.

We refer to “fake virtual tours”  because many agents offer “Virtual Viewings” which in fact are not virtual. The meaning of virtual is that the environment does not exist and is simulated by computer. Therefore, when an agent (who exists) takes their phone video and walks around a property (which exists) it is not a virtual viewing. It is a video viewing.

Our immersive experiences play a critical role when it comes to commercial property and leasing. We create private immersive property portfolios, accommodating all the relevant documents that can be accessed with one click. The true condition of the property at all stages of sale and lease is captured and contained with content that speeds up the closing stages. Current clients for private immersive portfolios include commercial property groups and investment funds.

We would love to chat to you about your ideas. We can propel the story of your brand and business into the screen lives of a global audience.
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