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When it comes to events, we have a team who are experienced in real time, real live events. They are audio visual specialists with design and programming skills.

We have a granular understanding of the needs of the event sector and how to transfer the excitement of the live event into an immersive event.

With all these challenges in mind we have built  our own true immersive events platform.  Visitors can walk around a full 3exhibition 360 arena, fully customised poster rooms,  attend recorded or live talks. We can supply each exhibitor with a full immersive 360, rotating stand, complete with customised branding.

We insert data points to each stand so that we can track the data of visitors to the exhibition. Just as in real life, we can prompt the visitor to sign up, ask for a meeting or go directly to the sales team via the links we insert.

Again each of the brands can have a data point coded into the imagery or video they choose to promote.

As with all events, we can request sign up details of visitors at the entrance to the exhibitions, just as you do in real life. We can then supply you the events manager with all the data from the point of entry, around all the stands and sponsorship/promotional areas.

Our platform integrates with HOPIN and 10Times events and conferences.

We can host your event for as long as you wish, giving sponsors and exhibitors better value for money than a traditional two or three day live event.

About Orb Media

For exhibitors we can embed virtual spaces where real companies can advertise their brands in an interactive way.


FMCG brands can take advantage of the extended exposure that immersive experiences brings.

We created an experience for a client who wanted to launch a  boutique gin brand. As you can see from our case study, FMCG products can really come to life in our 360/VR environment.

Using 3D models of the products makes them jump off the page, as consumers discover every detail of the product and packaging and story of the brand.

We have designed many different types of retail outlet. Shopping malls, supermarkets, branded boutiques in traditional, contemporary or futuristic settings.

We can embed data points to every product and build out immersive retail environments, populated with branding and information.

As we track the journey of the consumer we can deliver insights that could save you significant costs if you  choose to use our 360 as a testing environment.




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We would love to chat to you about your ideas. We can propel the story of your brand and business into the screen lives of a global audience.
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